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Networking for health for all

About the Wessex Global Health Network


The Network seeks to help interested people know who in Wessex is working in global health, how to keep in touch with them and how to get involved. It helps people remain up to date with what is going on locally, nationally and internationally and promotes events to share good practice. The Network is a part of the Centre for Global Health at the University of Winchester.








In collaboration with the South West Global Health Consortium, the Network sends out a fortnightly newsletter. This provides information about local, national and international news, events and learning opportunities as well as information on global health research, funding sources, Sustainable Development Goals in the UK and jobs. Anyone can sign up to receive it whether or not they live or work in Wessex. 


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The Network organises a series of themed events throughout the year, many of which are online and recorded. Past events can be viewed through our archive. 


 Current programme EVENTS

Learning about Global Health


The Network has developed a short online "Introduction to Global Health" course that provides an overview of global health. Developed with the University of Winchester, it is particularly useful for people new to global health.



Who is doing what, where, and how do I contact them?


Click on a continent to find out in which Low or Middle Income Countries people from Wessex are working. You can then select a country to find out who is working there, what they are doing and how to contact them. 





Who else is involved in the same type of work that I am doing and how do I contact them?


Click on a SDG and you can find who in Wessex is involved in work related to it. 


Use the search box to find out who is working on a very specific topic e.g. TB, HIV/AIDS. 



Learn more about the history of the SDGs. 



Global Health/SDG Research by Universities in Wessex


To find out who is involved in global health/SDG research carried out by universities in Wessex, click on the university in which you are interested. 

Get involved


There is no defined career pathway for working in global health. Some may want to make it a career and some may want to become involved in health volunteering when life and career circumstances allow. There is a wide range of opportunities and if you would like to learn more about these, click on the link below.




Local News



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Upcoming events


Prism Series

"The Health of Women Globally" 

Episode 3 now available

Sexual and Reproductive in

Adolescent Girls -

Why We Need To Take It Seriously

Follow this link to find episodes



Network Conversations 

For conversations on TB and working in the aftermath of the earthquake in Turkey

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Let us know about an event you are organising and we can advertise it here


Links to external news


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