Network Conversations Programme

Network Conversations


These are self contained interviews with people involved in work abroad. They may range from someone describing their personal experiences of working abroad, a description of the work of their department or research to an interview with an expert in their field who is able to identify some of the key issues and recent developments. Events will be advertised through the Network Newsletter. 


We encourage people to let us know about their work and to share it through the Conversations. You can do this by e-mailing 







Two events have now been released and can be accessed through the Network Conversations Library. These are 


The Turkey/Syrian Earthquake 


"What is it like to provide medical care for survivors in the immediate aftermath of a devastating earthquake?" 

Conversation with Dr Simon Struthers (Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust) 




"Why the TB epidemic has been so difficult to bring under control and what needs to be done."

Conversation with Dr Michaela Reichmann (Southamption). (20th July, 2023) 


Further events are being planned.