Prism Series on the Health of Women Globally

The Prism Series takes a topic and looks at it from different perspectives in order to develop a better understanding of the issues involved. The first in the series is on The Health of Women Globally. 


It has been made possible through a collaboration between Network, Universities in Wessex and other individuals.  It is mainly made up of online interview-style recorded events over 2023/24 that will explore the many and varied factors affecting women’s health across the globe. They will include research being carried out and examples of good practice carried out by people in Wessex. Release dates will be advertised through the Network's Newsletter. You can sign up to receive the newsletter through this website, where you can also access the recordings direct. 


The working group developing the programme is comprised of  


  • Prof. Edwin van Teijlingen (Bournemouth University)
  • Prof. Tamsin Bradley (University of Portsmouth)
  • Prof. Nuala McGrath (University of Southampton)
  • Dr Gaya Abeywickrama (Lecturer, University of Winchester)
  • Prof. Shanaya Rathod (Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust) 
  • Dr Maddy Taylor (Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust)
  • Dr John Acres (Wessex Global Health Network) 









Introduction : Dr John Acres (Wessex Global Health Network)


Demographic transition


The effect of demographic transition on women’s health

Dr Rachel Locke


Maternal Health 


Maternal Mortality : Causes and evidence

Dr Sarah Neal, University of Southampton 

Pregnancy and early adolescence - South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa 

Dr Sarah Neal, University of Southampton

Experience of a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology working in a low resource country - Tanzania.

Dr Jonny Rust

A day in the life of a doctor in a small hospital in Zimbabwe

Dr Blessing Zamba 

Access : Reducing delays in receiving care in rural areas – Maternity Waiting Room Uganda

Lorraine Major and Laura Aspinall,  Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust)  

Access and Staff Attitudes : Experiences from Afghanistan

Dr Rachel Arnold, Bournemouth University

Inequalities and low birth weight, Sri Lanka 

Dr Gaya Abeywickrama 

Anaesthetics Training in Nepal

Dr Ollie Ross, University Hospital Southampton




HIV/AIDS : Patterns in sub-Saharan Africa and how to reduce the burden of disease

Prof. Nuala McGrath, University of Southampton

Breast Cancer Providing a service in a low/middle income country, Zimbabwe (and a comparison with Cervical Cancer)

Dr Dick Rainsbury, Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

Mental Health

Prof. Shanaya Rathod, Southern Health


Belief systems, cultures and their effects on women 

Prof Tamsin Bradley, University of Portsmouth 


Migration and asylum seekers

Speakers to be confirmed 


Synthesis - In-person event to bring it all together 



For more information and enquiries, please e-mail John Acres on