Learning about Global Health

Learning about global health


This page provides some guidance for those wanting to learn more about global health. 


Wessex Newsletter


The Wessex Global Health Network Newsletter : The Network sends out a fortnightly newsletter that provides information about local, national and international news, events and learning opportunities as well as information on global health research, funding sources, Sustainable Development Goals in the UK and jobs.


It is open to anyone with an interest in global health and for people working in Wessex this is a particularly good way of keeping in touch with what is happening locally.


See below for other newsletters. 


Academic Journals 


Reading academic journals keeps you up to date with the evidence and editorials commonly relate to particularly current issues. The following are examples of what is available online and you can subscribe to many for free. 


The Lancet 



Follow this link to see a video describing what the Lancet produces in relation to global health. 


The British Medical Journal (BMJ) 



Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (RSTMH)



World Health Organisation (WHO)



Global Health Journal Search 



Other Journals and Newsletters 



The Wessex Online Introduction to Global Health


The Online Introduction to Global Health has been produced by the Wessex Global Health Network in collaboration with the University of Winchester. No prior knowledge is required and it lasts between 6 - 10 hours.


It may be of particular interest to those working in th NHS as it meets the recommendations of the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges about what all health care staff should know about global health. It also provides a grounding for an understanding of Planetary Health.


Academic Courses




Courses available include 


  • Southampton : Global Health MSc (A Global Health Module that attracts some CATS points is also available to all students doing a degree course at the University of Soutampton.) 



Other parts of the UK


There are many other Masters Courses in Global Health in the UK. Put a query into your browser to find them. 


Improving Global Health through Leaderships Development Programme


The Improving Global Health through Leadership Development Programme began in Wessex and is one that is geared to NHS Healthcare Staff who are interested in personal development and global health. It is now run by Health Education England and recruits NHS employees from across England, from clinical or non-clinical backgrounds, with an interest in developing their leadership skills in a challenging resource-poor environment.


It works with partners overseas and two models of fellowship participation are  possible. One is a full-time overseas placement. The other is part-time virtual, when the Fellow works from home, typically on a one-day per week equivalent basis. A two day induction programme is offered and mentoring is provided throughout. 




Many courses in global health are have been modified to be able to study them on line. 


Future Learn : Future Learn has been geared to provide courses on-line for some time. It provides a wide range including courses on global health. 


Global Health Training Centre 


The Global Health Training Centre provides online courses in global health research, webinars and professional development. It is part of the Global Health Network, the aim of which is to support better research. 


Going International 


Going International provides an searchable information platform on biomedicine, public health, international health and humanitarian assistance. It can be searched for information and training, online courses, publications and websites relating to your topic of interest. 




The Lancet : The Lancet publishes free podcasts, some of which are very relevant to working abroad and global health. 


The Lancet has also launched an open-access Global Health Journal. It is a non-paywall journal, that is open to all. It does not require registration or fees to access. The articles are open-access and published under various Creative Commons licenses, selected by the respective authors.


The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine : The LSHTM has podcasts on a variety of subjects relevant to working in resource poor settings. 


Overseas Development Institute : The Overseas Development Institute is a  London based organisation that provides short on-line events, expert reviews and various podcasts. 


Other useful resources


Alma Mata : Alma Mata provides information on training, careers, education and research in global health. 


CABI : CABI provides information and applies expertise to solve problems related to agriculture and the environment. It has a Global Health Archive the gives access to a large number of historical and current pieces of research. 


HS Talks : HS Talks provides a large number of on-line materials, including a Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection with lectures by leading health experts.


Specific Topics


Covid-19 : There is a wide range of information available. FutureLearn provides a wide range of courses and has produced a short online course "Tackling the Novel Coronavirus". 


Various topics : Global Health with Greg Martin offers a variety of on line videos an podcasts covering topics that include Finding a Job in Global Health, How to Write a Grant Application, How to Raise Money in Global Health, Ethics, Eplidemiology, Global Health Facts.



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